The Tumbling Munky

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As the fan whizzes round, turn by turn
One thing in my mind is persistent
This home we call life seems all fun and games
But the troubles we come across make us resistant…

Resistant to the pain, the blood shed and tears
All the sadness we’ve endured these years,
Not only do they make us so hard and bold,
They leave us resentful, bitter and so cold

I remember when I first got hurt, I was 13 years old
She said she’d go out with me but in a week it all changed
I was left with a confusion, an inadequate need
To find out why it wasn’t meant to be…

Then I grew stronger thinking this is my life
And what I make of it,
And I shouldn’t feel weak or accept things For the sake of it.

See in life we make decisions and we choose our own path,
We don’t have to feel broken no one deserves that,
Just make sure you know that life is for the living
Cos something inside you is born every time there’s a killing,
Of anything you’ve had or anything you’ve known,
You’ll never be the same because you would always have grown

Sometimes I think of you, 24/7 I miss you,
I can’t begin to say how much I wish you,
Were here, like a brother to me you were,
Watching the flame of your life in our hearts still flicker,

I guess we have decisions to make,
And you made yours,

But I’ll never realize why, I’ll just have to accept it…
This world seems so cold my brother … since you left it…